About My Workshops:

I have been teaching writing workshops since 2014. They are warm, encouraging and safe places in which to create new work. Over the last 9 yeas, stories written in my workshops have won the Fractured Lit Anthology Prize, the London Independent Story Prize, The Best Small Fictions, Bath Flash Fiction Prize, and have had multiple Pushcart Prize nominations from stories conceived and written in my workshops. If you would like a sample of my work or would like to read my collections, you can find out more here. Additionally, I have a prompt newsletter where you can access many free writing prompts. Check out what illustrious guest authors including Etgar Keret, Aimee Bender, and Amber Sparks have written to my prompts when you are there.

About Meg:

I'm an internationally published flash fiction author of 8 fiction collections, two novellas-in-flash, and two collections of prose poetry. My work has been published in hundreds of print and online literary journals and anthologies, most notably three Norton anthologies of flash fiction. I’m the Flash Fiction Columnist for Mslexia Magazine, Founding Editor of Best Microfiction, an award-winning yearly anthology series, and Festival Curator for Flash Fiction Festival, UK.  I have appeared at literary festivals and events in the UK and in America. I work as a mentor and private flash fiction/flash memoir editor and offer regular online workshops through my own website. Recently, I primarily enjoy teaching workshops through Zoom and online venues, but will consider in-person appearances.


You have transformed so many people’s writing lives, mine included! -Frances Gapper

Any micro I have ever published was born in your workshops! Eternal gratitude. – Jenny Stalter

You are such an inspiring teacher. -Nadia Jacobsen

I fell in love with flash in your workshops, Meg! -Karen Schauber

-I’ve ahad many stories published that originated in your workshops or from your prompts, not to mention your skillful editing suggestions. So grateful for all you do for the micro community. -Kathryn Silver-Hajo

Meg has inspired many of us to have our writing dreams come into fruition. -Annie Bien

You have a big shout out in the Acknowlegements of my new book. Couldn’t have written it without you. -Jayne Martin

I am inspired by the prompts and the other students and your marvelous, generous, generative energy. I live with the prompts for a few days, and then start writing (and I’ve been using your newsletter prompts as part of my daily writing practice, too). As a writing teacher, I’m also feeling renewed just by reading your comments to everyone and appreciating the way you work descriptively to help writers see what they have. It’s a technique I teach to undergraduates, and it’s hard for them!, so it helps me enormously to be in the middle of that kind of workshop to feel how it works when I’m not the orchestrator. In the middle of a very lonely pandemic, and sabbatical where I really can’t go anywhere, you’ve created these small, at home residencies that I love. Thank you. Susan Morehouse

You are the best and one of a kind! – Andrea Disario Marcusa

This was grand, as are all your workshops, Meg. Super subject, terrific feedback, incredibly jaw-dropping talent. Stimulation PLUS fun! – Tracey Meloni

I learned so much from you two fabulous writers/teachers. You opened doors to rooms and worlds I didn’t know existed. Look forward to another workshop – Michelle Morris

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Meg Pokrass

Meg Pokrass’ is the author of 7 flash collections. She is the Founding Co-Editor of Best Microfiction anthology series and teaches online flash fiction workshops here: https://megpokrass.substack.com/